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The PERISCOPE SIMULATION FAMILY hardware components incorporate proprietary electronic modules with centrally managed hardware via control software that is responsible for all state and mode changes based on the input supplied at the HMI. This design allows for a modular expandable system utilising high performance data and communication networks.
The PERISCOPE SIMULATION FAMILY was developed from a modular design with component reuse in mind. This places CYBICOM ATLAS DEFENCE in a prime position to efficiently develop premium custom simulators according to budget limitations.

The PERISCOPE SIMULATION FAMILY comprises a Desktop Trainer, a Basic Version and an Advanced Version for both the SERO 400 and SERO 250 attack periscopes and associated OMS search periscopes

• Optronics Mast System (OMS)
• Hoistable Mast Panel
• Control and Display Unit
• Intercom


is a joint company between Cybicom (Africa) Technologies (Pty) Ltd and ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH.CYBICOM ATLAS DEFENCE was originally created to provide in-country, local support for the combat suite installed on the South African Navy Heroine Class Submarines.CYBICOM ATLAS DEFENCE has evolved from undertaking warranty related repairs to designing and developing graphical training simulators, interface stimulators and constructing and integrating a land based Submarine Combat Suite for the South African Navy.

CYBICOM ATLAS DEFENCE is a prime example of successful technology transfer that when coupled to an effective skills retention and development program leads to international award winning performance.

CYBICOM ATLAS DEFENCE is uniquely positioned to offer surface and subsurface naval combat system integration, image generation and command and control simulation and systems

CYBICOM ATLAS DEFENCE has developed a Periscope Simulator Family to provide procedural and operational training for CASSIDIAN OPTRONICS’ SERO and OMS based Search and Attack Periscope Families found onboard various submarines worldwide.

The PERISCOPE SIMULATOR FAMILY consists of CASSIDIAN OPTRONICS’ SERO based OCULAR BOX (OMS option available) and INSTRUCTOR WORK STATION.The OCULAR BOX provides realistic HMI elements that afford the operator a high fidelity user experience for operational and procedural training. The PERISCOPE SIMULATOR FAMILY offers choices that range from a desktop trainer to a fully integrated ceiling/overhead mount configuration supporting high fidelity graphics using realistic terrain and target modelling packaged within a realistic submarine environment.

The INSTRUCTOR WORK STATION includes sophisticated scenario management, recording with playback and student record management. This allows the instructor to setup simple to complex scenarios for operational and procedural training for students and crew of submarines to practice the various navigational and safe sailing procedures associated with submarines and periscopes. The INSTRUCTOR WORK STATION also makes provision for a duplicate display of the visuals seen by the student/operator which can be replayed during debriefing and post training analysis.

  • Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft Control
  • Vessel Control
  • Vessel Bow Spray and Wake
  • Dipping Sonar
  • Navigation Lights for Vessels
  • Land based Light Simulation
  • 3D Terrain Modelling
  • Man Overboard
  • Almanac Data for Celestial Bodies
  • Wind: Speed and Direction
  • Sea States: SS0 – SS8
  • Cloud Cover: 0/8 – 8/8
  • Weather Effects: Precipitation, Fog/Haze/Visibility
  • Day/Night Simulation
  • 3D Placement of Points of Interest