Cybicom Atlas Defence, in conjunction with the South African Navy, has developed a periscope simulator (PSIM) to provide training for the Zeiss Sero 400 Attack Periscope found onboard the Heroine Class Submarines.
The PSIM consists of a ceiling mounted mock Zeiss Sero 400 Ocular Box and Instructor Work Station (IWS). The PSIM Ocular Box has been constructed according to specification using a combination of

computer-aided design and CNC machined and welded sheet-metal to achieve the best look and feel of the onboard attack periscope while adhering to stringent budgetary constraints. The PSIM Ocular Box houses the PSIM Ocular Box IG and associated electronics and optics.
The PSIM Ocular Box is capable of hydraulic eye height adjustment and incorporates AC motors, inverter drives

The PSIM IWS includes the PSIM IWS IG, which provides the instructor a view of the mirrored generated images of the scenario as seen by the operator/student from the PSIM Ocular Box IG. The PSIM IWS also includes the PSIM IWS Scenario Manager, which allows control of the following features:


  • Aircraft (fixed and rotational wing) Movement
  • Ship Vessel Movement
  • Man Overboard
  • Day and Night Simulation
  • Accurate Rise and Set times for Sun and Moon
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Sea States 0 – 8
  • Cloud Cover 0/8 – 8/8
  • Precipitation
  • Fog/Haze/Visibility
  • Time of Day
  • Scenario Playback
  • Audio Recording over the Intercom System
  • On-the-fly control for Aircraft and Ship Vessel Movement
  • Ship vessel Bow Spray and Wake
  • Dipping Sonar
  • Navigation Lights for Vessels
  • Land based Light Simulation (light houses, harbors etc.)
  • Accurate placement of Points of Interest (beacons etc.)
  • Accurate Terrain Modeling

The PSIM hardware components incorporate proprietary generic electronic modules. Control of the hardware is centrally managed by software that is responsible for all state and mode changes based on the input supplied at the HMI. This design allows for an expandable system utilising a high performance data and communication network.

PSIM was developed from a modular design with component reuse in mind. This places Cybicom Atlas Defence in a prime position to efficiently develop premium custom simulators according to budget limitations.


Cybicom Atlas Defence has chosen PRESAGIS as its preferred technology partner in the development of the Periscope Simulator and other visual simulation projects.

The PSIM Ocular Box IG and PSIM Instructor IG make use of PRESAGIS Vega PrimeTM to implement the real-time 3D image generation and graphics rendering. This provides an infrastructure for rapid design and prototyping along with a generic platform for customised graphics and image generation.

PRESAGIS Creator Terrain StudioTM is used to create the high fidelity terrain with visual navigation features that are used in the effective training of Periscope operators within given scenarios. This platform offers lifelike terrain creation for any geographic area of interest.

The 3D multi-purpose polygon based authoring system PRESAGIS CreatorTM is used to create the lifelike ship and aircraft models used in each training scenario and allows for a generic platform to create any model required.

Cybicom Atlas Defence was awarded the PRESAGIS “Best Visualisation Application” Award for the PSIM development in 2011.