Naval Bridge Simulator

The CAD Naval Bridge Simulator is designed to facilitate training of a bridge team in safe navigation of a vessel as well as all other aspects of naval operations and evolutions such as self-defence, flight operations, formation manoeuvring, etc. The basic configuration (scalable upwards) has an integrated bridge desk with conning, radar, propulsion and systems management (including damage control) and tactical/navigation positions. Inter-console inserts contain all internaI and external communication operator units and various control panels such as helo management, weapon cut-outs etc. In addition, pelorus, bridgewing gun controller and navigation cabinet simulators are available. Deck- and bulkhead repeaters are fitted appropriately.

The Naval Bridge Simulator comprises three multi-function bridge consoles, IPMS station and an instructor workstation. The bridge simulator is laid out in a generic naval warship configuration which allows for effective training of naval crew in various naval manning situations.

The Naval Bridge Simulator utilises PRESAGIS Vega Prime for high fidelity graphics and simulated environment modelling. Presagis Stage is used for scenario handling and management and implements simulation interfacing standards such as DIS and HLA for ease of integration with other similarly equipped simulators. VAPS XT has been used to recreate realistic instrumentation allowing the operator a clear concise feedback within the HMI.Image generation and display are accomplished by high-end PCs and low-bezel full-HD display wall technology. The hardware allows for deployment within a compact footprint and in facilities with low ceilings.

Vega Prime

The Naval Bridge Simulator makes use of PRESAGIS Vega PrimeTM to render their respective 3D environments in real-time. Ideal for both high-performance and low cost hardware platforms, Vega Prime’s extensible plug-in architecture facilitates the rapid design and prototyping of real time 3D applications by utilizing the most sophisticated technology available, within an easy-to-use toolkit. Vega Prime is used to create simulation applications that are completely customizable, scalable, and leverage open standards such as CDB and OpenFlight™.


The instructor component of the Naval Bridge Simulator is a customised version of PRESAGIS STAGETM. STAGE simulation software provides users with the ability to generate and execute complex scenarios for training and analysis. From flight simulation training to new concepts analysis, STAGE is the ideal tool for solving critical problems in simulation applications, including:

  • System Specification and Design Analysis
  • Naval Training and Mission Rehearsal
  • Virtual Test Bench
  • Battle-Lab, Command & Control
  • Military Embedded Training
  • First Responders and Homeland Security
  • Network Centric Operations

The Following Are Key Features Of The Bridge Simulator:

  • View from naval bridge with realistic ship motion.
  • Multi-video wall displays.
  • Multifunction bridge consoles.
  • Realistic helm controls.
  • Tactical Picture Overview and WECDIS functionality.
  • Simulated RADAR Display.
  • Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) instruments.
  • Scenario definition.
  • Compact installation footprint including facilities with low ceilings.
  • Control over all simulated entities, including vessels, aircraft and helicopters.
  • Set time of day.
  • Control over weather conditions, including:
  • Sea state
  • Cloud cover
  • Precipitation
  • Visibility/Fog


PRESAGIS VAPS XTTM is used to create the Instrumentation Displays. VAPS XT provides a rapid prototyping, design, and deployment environment for the creation of 2D and 3D photorealistic graphical displays, including instrumentation and equipment models, specifically for real time 3D simulation and training applications.