Helicopter Flight Deck Trainer

The Helicopter Flight Deck Trainer (HFDT) is designed to provide joint training for Flight Deck Controllers (FDC) and marine helicopter pilots. The simulator provides a safe, cost effective solution to train personnel in a realistic and controlled environment.

The simulation system combines custom developed gesture recognition software and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) motion tracking hardware, PRESAGIS modelling and simulation software, the STAGE scenario generation tool and VAPS XT interactive graphical interfaces.

The HFDT is a flexible modular system that can be supplied in various levels, from a simple, portable, desktop trainer to a multichannel, high-performance tracking system that can accommodate multiple trainees and provide a 360ยบ high-fidelity simulation with full environmental simulation. The system can easily be extended to include further components to meet requirements such as Flight Deck Officer (FDO) training and even full team training when integrated with a bridge simulator.

The system can be configured such that the helicopter will automatically respond to the signals given by the FDC or used with a basic helicopter model controlled by an instructor or helicopter pilot. If a higher fidelity helicopter model is required the HFDT and can be integrated with existing helicopter simulators or speak to us about a custom solution.


  • FDC View from helideck with ship motion.
  • FDC communication with bridge.
  • Motion tracking to allow for:
    • Change to FDC point of view.
    • Rendering of FDC signals as seen by the helicopter pilot.
  • Input of helicopter pilot hand signal for rendering on the FDC display.
  • Helicopter flight instruments.
  • Accurate deck markings including lights and horizontal stabiliser bar.
  • Scenario definition.
  • Control over all entities, including marine vessels, aircraft and helicopters.
  • Set time of day.
  • Control over weather conditions, including:
    • Sea state
    • Cloud cover
    • Precipitation
    • Visibility/Fog
  • Different landing platforms, including:
    • Ships helidec
    • Oilrig
    • Aircraft carrier