Engineering Test Bed

The Engineering Test Bed (ETB) consists of a mock submarine combat information centre (CIC), 5 high fidelity ISUS 90-45 fabricated multifunction consoles and an integrated Periscope Simulator. This includes the associated electronics and signal processing hardware to provide a high fidelity test bed for integration and testing of new hardware and software.

The ETB provides a platform where new development and engineering changes can be carried out in a non-mission critical environment. This allows for a better engineering life cycle and has created the perfect space for research and development. The equipment is laid out in a space friendly manner with testing and development in mind.

The integration of OEM equipment with COTS equipment provides for a high fidelity cost effective solution. Use of re-configurable faceplates, COTS networks and server based application software deployment allows for fast reconfiguration of hardware and integration of new equipment for testing and qualification purposes.

The ETB can be reconfigured to provide for a submarine operations room team trainer environment where sonar operators, navigation officers, periscope operators, weapons officers and submarine captains can train in a life like environment honing their skills in a team CIC operation.

The Instructor work area is fitted with a 15 cell display matrix with selectable video switching and audio “snooping”. This allows instructors and evaluators to monitor the performance of the crew without disturbing the team’s operation. Recording and playback allows for debriefing of the team after the mission scenario has been completed. The ETB has already played host to successful qualification of new SA Navy submarine captains during its development phase.


  • 5 mock ISUS consoles
  • 5 COTS modified cabinets with integrated OEM hardware
  • GRP mock submarine CIC hull
  • Instructor Work Area with switchable 15 screen video matrix
  • Reconfigurable wiring panel modules
  • COTS modified anti-flicker monitors
  • Fully integrated mode with ISUS and Periscope Simulator capabilities