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CAD’s Engineering Support refer to a range of technical assistance and support solutions for various engineering activities within the industry. Our services are designed to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance of engineering projects and operations.


ISUS Repairs and Maintenance

Our engineers and technicians received comprehensive training and seamlessly joined the OEM, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK’s field service division in Germany, where they offer support for the South Africa Navy’s Heroine class Type 209 Submarine Combat System, ISUS 90. 


Our team of engineers and technicians has actively engaged in various stages of the system development, including software development, testing, installation, commissioning, qualification, and sea trials. Furthermore, we offer inhouse local repair and support for the systems.


Our company holds a unique position as the exclusive local provider and maintainer of the System, establishing a vital link within the supply chain alongside the OEM.

Engineering Support

CAD’s Engineering support encompasses a range of engineering tasks, such as development, production, and project management, all aimed at delivering extensive assistance to ensure the efficient and seamless operational utilisation of our entire portfolio.


Our Engineering Support Services consists of following (but not limited to):

  • Feasibility Studies and Engineering Change Proposals
  • System Level Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance and Technical Assistance
  • Design and Prototyping Support
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Engineering Project Management 
  • Supply Chain and Procurement Assistance

Consulting & Advisory Services

Professional assistance can be provided by our engineering experts and consultants to individuals, organisations, OR businesses seeking guidance, expertise, and recommendations related to various engineering aspects. 


These services typically involve the provision of specialised knowledge, analysis, and advice to help clients make informed decisions, solve engineering challenges, optimise processes, improve efficiency, and ensure the successful implementation of engineering projects.

Training & Skills Development

A structured and organised process designed to enhance knowledge, abilities, and expertise of individuals within the field of engineering. 


This type of training is aimed at improving technical, allowing engineers and technicians to excel in their current roles or prepare for new challenges within the engineering profession. It typically involves a combination of formal training, hands-on practical experience, and other learning activities. 


The primary objectives of training and skills development are to keep professionals updated with the latest industry trends and technologies, promote continuous improvement, ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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